If you have Deaf clients who sign in American Sign Language (ASL) or Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ) with whom you need to communicate, and who need to communicate with you, Maple will provide access to highly qualified sign language interpreters located throughout Canada who can schedule to appear at your location. Maple responds to service requests within 24 hours.

All interpreters are members of AVLIC, the official association of sign language interpreters in Canada, or RID, the official association for Americans. All interpreters are bound by a code of professional conduct covering confidentiality, neutrality, professionalism, and dispute resolution. Deaf Interpreters (DIs) are also available for Deaf individuals who have limited language acquisition, are foreigners, or possess a unique dialect of a regional sign language.

Where in-person interpretation is unavailable, you can use our Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) services, which will allow you to make scheduled or on-demand calls to reach interpreters anytime 24/7/365 by using a web-enabled device with webcam and high speed Internet.