Apply as Video Interpreter - Expression of Interest

Employment Condition

Are you an active CASLI or RID member? *

CASLI and RID Member

For CASLI Members - Copy/paste link to your CASLI profile from CASLI - Interpreter Directory. Note: Search the directory for your name and click on it to locate the direct link to your profile, which you can copy/paste.
For RID Members - It's not possible to locate the link to get to your profile directly so simply let us know that your name is listed in the RID - Search the Registry and we will search for it.
In addition to VRI, are you interested in doing in-person assignments for your areas? *

Not a CASLI and/or RID Member

As condition of employment, we only accept applicants who are an active member of CASLI or RID. Please contact CASLI or RID for more information. If for some reasons you're unable to be listed in the official directory, please contact us.