Maple can transcribe your recorded audio of meetings and other events. Our technologies allow us to do this faster than a typist, and with less fatigue. Service is available either as live or offline. Use live option to receive your notes much more quickly after the end of session. Use offline option to transcribe your recorded audio of meetings and other event.

COMMERCIAL: We charge by the hour of audio recording, based on many variables. Since there is such a wide variety of recorded audio, please contact us to discuss the kind of audio you have so that we can give you an accurate quote. Once a relationship is established and we do regular business together, we can agree on a flat hourly rate for the time it takes to transcribe your audio. We can transcribe in various forms, such as simple note taking (see Educational below), simple verbatim text, time-indexed text, scripted text (identifies multiple speakers by name), etc.

EDUCATIONAL: We provide premium note taking services for students in post-secondary education with our no-hassle, high-quality offline note taking service called OTHOR (Offline Transcription High Output Rendering). Students record their classes, upload the recording on our secure site, and then download their thorough notes or view them right in their browser – they can even leave their notes on our site for viewing from any device, anywhere! The interface for uploading audio and downloading notes is drag-and-drop-simple – no special software! Most note takers on a laptop can produce 50 to 80 words per minute sustained over a day – Maple produces notes at a rate of around 150 words per minute, so the notes are more useful. Also, we use human operators to do the work, not automated software, so the accuracy is outstanding! Contact us for our rates. Note: We don’t contract with students for services – we contract with the college or university who then provides the service to the student. If you are a student, contact your school’s disability services or student services department.

To contact us about this service, use the Open Account button below. Please describe the nature of your audio (voice notes, dictation, multiparty meeting, speakers with heavy accents, etc.) and your transcription requirements (main content only, include all verbalizations such as “um…” etc., time-indexing, etc.), and we will work out initial pricing for you.