Are you interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL) and/or Langue des signes du Québec (LSQ)? There are many training videos available on YouTube and else place on the Internet. Check out these online training videos:

  1. Lifeprint (YouTube) | ASL University (ASLU)
  2. ASL Nook
  3. Ashley Clark Fry (Instagram: @SignWithHeart)
  4. Meredith ASL
  5. Start ASL
  6. Handspeak
  7. The ASL App (LSQ App coming in 2019 – see announcement here)

Be sure to check out Wise Old Sayings’ American Sign Language Resource Guide for additional resources as well.

Check with local school and/or community to see if there are sign language courses and/or meetup available in your area.

See Why Work with a Professional Linguist to better understand when using a professional sign language interpreter is appropriate for your situation. Please use our Service Request webform to request for an interpreter and/or captionist so you can communicate effectively with your Deaf client and/or employee. All services are delivered remotely and onsite where available.