Choose TypeWell for real-time communication access.

Be fully engaged and empowered. TypeWell helps people participate completely in work, classes, meetings, and other group gatherings — including social events and religious services — by giving them access to what others are saying, without being tethered to a note taker or interpreter.

TypeWell also is a valuable learning tool that helps students perform better scholastically.

Real-time access to communication, with complete transcripts to study afterward.

With TypeWell, a transcriber types out participants’ remarks, including pertinent sounds, such as laughter. The student, or other reader, simultaneously sees the typed words on a laptop or a mobile device. The transcript stays on the screen for a minute or more, so the reader can assimilate and process the information.

A transcript of each class, lecture, meeting, or discussion is available afterward for review and study.

TypeWell is liberating and life-changing.

Students who may have used sign language previously tell us TypeWell is liberating, because they do not have to keep their eyes fixed on the interpreter, and they can sit anywhere they choose.

Others say that they feel more comfortable and confident with a TypeWell transcriber. For example, they may participate more because they know that their question hasn’t already been asked and answered. Or, if they look away momentarily or reach for something in their bag, they know they can quickly catch up.