The interpreter interprets (translates) what is being said simultaneously, in ‘real-time’ as it is being spoken. The simultaneous interpretation is rendered to the target-language listeners via their earphones or video connection.

In consecutive interpretation the speaker pauses for the interpreter to reproduce the message into the target language, in its entirety and as though the interpreter were making the original speech.

When simultaneous interpretation service is required for only one or two persons, our interpreters can provide whispered simultaneous interpretation.



If I sign the ‘Terms and Conditions’ document am I obligated to use your service?

No, this simply allows us to establish an account for your organization, once the verbal, written or online request is submitted, we can be engaged and begin our coordinating work.

What is the difference between your private interpreter agency and a state referral agency or direct hired interpreter?

The state system is a referral service. Your request is broadcast to independent contractors in their pool. When a contractor(s) agrees to take the job, the business arrangements, logistics, assignment information (agenda/schedule, access to materials for discussion, etc) must be handled between you and the contractor(s) directly.  They will bill you thereafter for their services.  Your business is responsible for ensuring compliance and any HR responsibilities regarding the contractors. Some contractors may or may not share their rates, charges and policies before engagement.

In contrast, Partners Interpreting is a full service language company-a comprehensive service. Our ‘Terms and Conditions’ information outlining expectations, costs and policies is shared prior to engagement for your review.  If you need we can provide a proposal or quote so you can budget and know your complete costs.

We handle all the business arrangements, assignment logistics(information/materials etc..), and we manage the HR portfolios of our employees including liability insurance and other compliance requirements.  We manage the interpreter payroll and handle the billing and will send you a comprehensive invoice detailing services.

Check out ‘Why Us‘, see our whitepaper on the ‘Benefits of Outsourcing‘ or compare our “Explore Features” against the competition.

When can you start to coordinate for my request?

For first time customers, a ‘Terms and Conditions’ document is sent for your review, we can begin our work once a written agreement is in place. For existing customers, we work on requests immediately. Higher priority is always given to the most immediate request. However, assignments made several months in advance are also given attention.

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