Are you interested in learning American Sign Language (ASL)? There are many ASL training videos available on YouTube and else place on the Internet. Check out these online training videos:

  1. Bill Vicars
  2. ASL Nook
  3. Ashley Clark Fry (Instagram: @SignWithHeart) Note: there are many videos available on Instagram
  4. Meredith ASL
  5. Start ASL
  6. Handspeak

Be sure to check out Wise Old Sayings’ American Sign Language Resource Guide for additional resources as well.

Check with local school and/or community to see if there are sign language courses and/or meetup available in your area.

See Why Work with a Professional Linguist to better understand when using a professional sign language interpreter is appropriate for your situation. Please use our Service Request webform to request for an interpreter and/or captionist so you can communicate effectively with your Deaf client and/or employee. We deliver service on-site, if available, and remotely via the Internet.